SKY HAPPENINGS- Updated May 28 2012

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NEW! June Planet And Meteor Info!

To your right are planet and meteor links, they are updated for everyone.


    1. Greyson :) Says:

      Thanks for making it easy and clickable!

Doing a FANTASTIK job!!

    2. Tobey Says:

      Thanks for the 'new' buttons!!!!

    3. Jake G Says:

      I find this is the EASIEST page on the web to find out what is going on.


    4. Ben Says:

      COOOOOOL comet info!!!!!

    5. Daryl B Says:

      RE: Jupiter event October 2011
      Thats Awesome! Well no better time to actually get my telescope set up! Can't wait....lets just hope its clear here!

    6. Ophiuchus Says:

      Lovely pic, and very informative post...anything new in the skies?
      Thanks for visiting our school blog...I shall have to come here to keep up to date with astronomical events! :-)