Deep sky Objects To Explore !

It is globular cluster season!! how many can you see? LOTS!  click here.

Close up on Auriga! 3 star clusters to observe, click here!

Close Up On Constellation Perseus And The Demon Star!!

Here are some great deep sky targets, See if you can find them all this month!
Mira the Wonderful, a famous variable star

M2 in Aquarius

Algedi Star system  and m30 star cluster in Capricornus

PEGASUS GALLOPS ACROSS NIGHT SKY  <--- thanks Meteor Mike for sending it in.


  1. Now the Algedi Star System is amazing to look at in any optics. you'll have no problem finding and viewing it down!

    I hunt for it every year :)

  2. Ben Says:

    Thanks Jake! I want to try it, I looked at m30 last night and it is beautiful in my 10 inch dobsonian!