Welcome To Tonight's Night Sky

As an astronomer and very avid  observer of the night sky I  so get many emails and messages asking what is out to observe. 

So I thought I would open a page where people can easily and quickly check to see and I can load up what I find. I look up what is out  everyday and what sky events are happening all the time and share the links, I love sharing what to observe so there's another reason to open a page.

How My Page Is Put Together:

You can scroll down to see everything or look to your right  for fast links to what you want to find. As I mentioned above I want it to be quick and easy, that's how I like to find my info.  Instead of writing a huge report of what Is going on I chose to give you links to click on.  In the deep sky section I chose some deep sky goodies for you to hunt and find. If you have goodies you would like to share feel free to send them in or where you find what I chose let people know in comments in the 'Deep Sky Objects' section. I love it when people share!  The 'Sky Calendar'  section is a daily calendar of events. Planetary and deep sky. 

Clear skies and if you need help observing etc I love helping!


  1. Adam K Says:


    You're right it is easier to click through them. THANKS!!

  2. Everything in one page COOL!
    Niteskygirl you rock!

  3. Samantha D Says:

    So last night I went to see what is going on to view.. wrote in tonight's sky and your blog came up. WOW everything I was looking for to observe Comet Garrad was there, giving links to different sites helped me figure out where and when.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Fuckin awesome page! love the photo you chose!

  5. Dean Says:

    This page looks so awesome! The theme you used is fantastic!!!!!

    I have some october events I found out about I will send you tonight NiteSkyGirl.

    I appreciate your kindness!

  6. NiteSkyGirl Says:

    Looking forward to receiving it Dean.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Tom Q Says:

    AWESOME! All in one!!!

    No more spending an hour looking up info instead of being outside at the scope. Pop in, see whats what and out I go!


  8. John Kramer Says:


  9. Clay Davies Says:

    Very nicely done! Good variety of info, lore...something for everyone.